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Liberia Learning 2 Excel Christian Academy


32 student classroom

8 rooms per floor

10 students per room

320 students in total

Grades 9-12th



Guest/student/teacher housing lounge facility:

Each Learning House host up to 16 people in Total 96-100 people can be hosted

Each host house has a lounge, laundry room, kitchen, public bathroom, handicap accessible, wifi, community meeting room.

Each learning house will have a suite with 4 bedrooms and a small living area 2 bathrooms toilet and showers.


Academy Courses:

Culinary Arts & Hospitality


Social Science: Social Work-Social Justice, Psychology



STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math


Computer Lab

Building features:


Welcome Desk

Mental health Clinic 

Gymnasium (with a swimming pool, basketball courts

Gathering Meet and Greet rooms

4 Conference Rooms: 1-10, 10-25, 25-50, 50-125.

Lecture Hall sits up to 300 people

Liberia Learning 2 Excel Christian Academy



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