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1. Cerebrum: One Mind at A Time Mental Illness Awareness Reduction Campaign.

About Cerebrum:

Mission: To empower and encourage healthier lifestyles for individuals and families affected by Mental Illness.


Vision: We envision developing opportunities for individuals and families to participate in reducing the stigma of mental illness across all domains of life. We envision being the forerunner for developing and implementing creative strategies and techniques that are applicable to everyday living. To provide financial assistance for treatment, education, daily expenses and personal needs.

2. Hood2Hood: Motivational and Inspirational Speaking targeted to middle school, high school and First Year college students. Academic enrichment program for middle school, high school and adult learners.


Mission: We are a non-profit organization that consists of 3 Divisions who provides strong support systems to enhance academic success for students from impecunious neighborhoods.


Vision: to ensure that each student achieves the highest degree in any field of study.


Division 1: 8th grade students

Division 2: 9-12th grade students

Division 3: Adult Student Learners

Protege' program:

Only open to low performing students who are C-F students academically. Who are students with a diagnosis of mental health illness. 9-12 graders are accepted.


Camp Morale:

Middle School 8th Summer Camp Program

Teaching and discussing morality and mental illness.

Potential Identified Campuses

-Wheaton College

-Arcadia University

-Tulane University

-Eastern University

H2H CLUB House:

Members of H2H will have a house that is specifically designed to meet personal, academic and professional needs.



Raising Hope Scholarship Fund: A fund that is open to a student who has recovered from hospitalization in mental health institutions and attempted suicide.


"All In 4" Scholarship: to help students to stay in school graduating within a four year time frame.


Hood 2 Hood SERVICE OF EXCELLENCE AWARDS BANQUET. This award is given in recognition to an individual who has demonstrated exemplary work ethic and performance as well as commitment and dedication to ascertaining the highest degree in any field of study.

3. Peculiar Daughters Ministry: Provides motivational and personal coaching to empowering and gathering of women who face the day to day challenges of social ills and poor personal life/health decisions.

Mission: To empower women to embrace their freedom while in a state of recovery from  life's challenging issues.


Vision: To minister to women who are broken, battered, wounded, domestic violence,   struggles with infertility, divorce, betrayal, hyper sexual, drug addicted, hopelessness, depression, financially broken, educationally inept and spiritually broken.

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